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I wanted a place were I could let you know the latest updates. And were we could share ideas or opinions on yarns. I figured a blog was better than a lot of emails.

Feel free to post your opinions on yarns we carry or ask questions. I look forward to hearing from you!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays

I wanted to take a minute to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday Season!!
Our new web site is up and running now and I’ve posted our holiday schedule, http://www.yarn-and-threadbylisa.com/Contact_Us__Store_Hours.php

I do not have all of our items listed yet though. So don’t panic if you can not find a product that you normally purchase from us. Just drop me an email. I’ll be glad to send you a PayPal invoice. Or just wait a couple of days and the item will probably be listed. I post more products almost daily.
From all of us at Yarn & Thread by Lisa;

We pray you all have a happy, safe & festive holiday season!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Peaches & Creme Cones

We have the new Peaches & Creme Cones in now. We still have not decided if we are going to carry the balls are not. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Our cones are $10.99. I find it very interesting that I told my sales rep I was going to have to sell the cones for $11.49. Then next thing I know they are lowering their web price from $16.49 to $11.49. Very interesting!!! So we decided to take a fifty cent cut on our cones. Our customers are worth it. But that will not leave us any room for sales or additional discounts on them.
You let me know if you want us to carry the balls. If we get enough requests we will carry them. We'll have to retail the balls for about $2.25.
Thank you for your continued patronage!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spinrite Price Increase

Spinrite, the makers of Bernat, Lily, Patons, Peaches & Creme and Phentex Yarns, have announced a price increase. Just thought I would give all of you a heads up. The prices are on the rise again!!

You can find more details listed at our website on the Spinrite Price Increase page;

Thank you all for your continued patronage!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lion Brand Vanna's Glamour Yarn

We have received enough request that we have added the Vanna's Glamour to our regular line items. I've listed the complete line of colors at our new web site;

We are slowly but surely moving all of our products to the new website. I like that I can have all the stock counts up there. It makes it much easier to keep tabs on what available and what's not.

You can find the Vanna's Glamour Yarn at this link though;

This seems to be some really nice yarn!! I may have to come up with a new project and set my hanging towel sets aside for a bit!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Website

I wanted to let everyone know about some on going changes you will be seeing at our website.
Yarn & Thread by Lisa.com
We are moving our product lines to
Yarn & Thread by Lisa.biz
I have it set up so you can shop at both sites right now and your purchases all go into one shopping cart. This way the shipping is combined. So if you want items from both sites it all goes into one cart and you are only placing one order.

It will take some time to get everything moved over. But since both sites are on the same shopping cart this should not be a problem. I did want to warn everyone though. Because when you look at the shopping cart you will see a difference in the way the products are listed from one site to the other. You will be able to tell you shopped at both sites. It's fine though. The shopping cart will still check out and combine everything just fine.

I decided to go with the new storefront to help with inventory control. The new program list how many are in stock and automatically updates the counts when something sells. This will make my job much easier!!

If you have any questions about the new site or concerns about the cart combining the two sites feel free to contact me.

Thank you all for your continued patronage!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well, we finally did it. We opened a facebook page for Yarn & Thread by Lisa. When I say we I mean my wonderful daughter-in-law. All of you that know me know I am not a computer person. Yarn I know!! Computers....well I fly by the seat of my pants on that one!! But my daughter-in-law graciously took her time to set the page up for me. So I will post updates and changes there. With as often as the yarn companies make changes I'm guessing I'll be posting a lot!! I hope you stop by and check it out. You can "Like" us if you'd like. We have just started the page so it's pretty bare looking right now. Just give me some time though!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!

Well, I hope all of your had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!! We had a very exciting time around here!! After several trips to the hospital....days of walking, I think I know every nook, cranny, and crack in the hospital!! My grandson made his grand entrance on the 1st of June. Baby and Mommy are doing just fine. Of course Grandma and Great Grandma spent at least 2 days recovering!! I am now convinced that I am way too old to pull all nighters!! ha ha

And we have been playing catch up around here since Monday trying to get orders shipped and everything back in order.

Of course what kind of grandma would I be without pictures!!
I just thought I'd share. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Here's Grandma's Lil' Feller at 1 day old
Luis Tomas
7lb 4oz

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Peaches & Creme Manufacturer and their New Colors

Well, we have received a color listing for the Peaches & Crème yarns from Spinrite. All of the old colors will be cut. They are completely redoing the line. The new colors are pretty, but for those of you that have product lines built around the old colors you may want to stock up. Or look into redoing your products in the new colors. Right now the company has the original Peaches & Crème on sale. They've lowered the price 30%. So you may want to see if they still have your colors in stock.

We do have a color listing for the New Peaches & Crème colors now. We have not decided if we will be carrying the new line yet or not though. The price is going to be a bit higher with the new manufacturer. But I wanted to make sure you got a look at the new colors that are going to be available starting July 2011.

One last note. When cotton prices went up last quarter we absorbed as much of the cost as we could and did not raise the price on our worsted weight cottons. The DMC and crochet thread prices we did raise, but not the worsted weight cottons. As of June 15th we will have to raise the price of the worsted weight cottons as well. The manufacturer is raising their prices again. So will have no choice but to raise our prices. Between the rising cost of basic business expenses and the yarn prices increase we will have no choice. I just wanted to warn you. Stock up before the prices go up.

This price increase will effect the Bernat Handicarfter Economy Size, All of the Lily Sugar'n Cream Yarns and the Peaches & Crème Yarns.

As always we thank you for your continued patronage!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Colors

Hi all, Well, spring is in the air and new colors are popping up all over. Several of the yarn lines have new colors available. Everything from cottons yarns to acrylics yarns have new colors. There are new wool and novelty yarn colors too. You may want to take a minute to check your favorite yarn line to see if there are new colors available. We are getting them and I am posting them as I can. We also picked up a couple of new yarn lines. The Baby Boucle' which is now available in a large more convenient size and the Baby Blanket. Picking up the Baby Blanket has been a bit frustrating though. While it is a new yarn Bernat is already cutting some of the colors. I'm nit sure what they are doing or thinking on this line. It's a fun yarn to work with though. It works up soft and cuddly. I'm going to carry all the colors I can get my hands on though. Happy Spring to you all!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

3 DAY SALE Peaches & Creme Balls for $1.50


Sale price good from noon 3/11/11 thru noon 3/14/11
Remember we are on Central Time

Sale is limited to availability.
We are ordering in the colors that are listed as out of stock but still have a buy now button. But of course if the manufacturer is out of stock then we will not be able to get any of that color. All other colors, as of the start of this sale, are in stock.

Premium colors are not included in the sale.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Sad

Another U.S. Company has been sold. The makers of the Peaches & Creme yarn (Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co) have sold out to Spinrite. So now Spinrite will own both the Sugar'n Cream and the Peaches & Creme labels.

The sale will not take effect until the end of Feb though. Until the sale is final though Pisgah has all of their products on sale. 50% off everything except the worsted weight cotton. the dishcloth cotton. All of the crochet threads and fashion cottons are 50% off though!!
Here's a link for you; Pisgah Yarns

We will continue to carry the Peaches & Creme Cottons though. The sale is supposed to take effect the end of Feb. So sometime after that I should know what lines Spinrite will keep and what lines they will cut. I will keep all of you posted as I find out more info.

Now for the subject of Sugar'n Cream...they are going to raise their prices. I received a letter from Spinrite (the parent company for Bernat, Lily & Patons). All of their cotton yarns will incur a price increase of 11% effective March 1st. I will hold off as long as I can to raise my prices. But the cottons move quickly so look for the prices to go shortly after the first. Unfortunately since they will own Peaches & Creme by then you can expect that price to up too.

From what I understand all cottons will be going up because of a cotton shortage.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DMC Cotton Threads

Hi All,
Greetings from the really chilly Midwest!!
Well, it's only chilly when I'm inside..it's flat cold outside!!

Real quick...I know you are all very busy!!

I received word that the DMC Cotton prices will be going up a bit. My sales rep did not specify how much for each line. To be honest my brain kind of shorted out after the words price increase though. Another price that is going up!! It seems like every time we turn around the cost on something is going up!! I did hear that it was going to be in February. So my prices will not go up until March 1st.

As always I will keep my prices as low as I can. But I did want to warn you on the price increase.
This increase will effect the;
DMC Baroque,
DMC Brilliant Tatting Cotton,
DMC Cordonnet Cotton,
and the DMC Embroidery Floss

As always, thank you very much for your continued patronage!!