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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Sad

Another U.S. Company has been sold. The makers of the Peaches & Creme yarn (Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co) have sold out to Spinrite. So now Spinrite will own both the Sugar'n Cream and the Peaches & Creme labels.

The sale will not take effect until the end of Feb though. Until the sale is final though Pisgah has all of their products on sale. 50% off everything except the worsted weight cotton. the dishcloth cotton. All of the crochet threads and fashion cottons are 50% off though!!
Here's a link for you; Pisgah Yarns

We will continue to carry the Peaches & Creme Cottons though. The sale is supposed to take effect the end of Feb. So sometime after that I should know what lines Spinrite will keep and what lines they will cut. I will keep all of you posted as I find out more info.

Now for the subject of Sugar'n Cream...they are going to raise their prices. I received a letter from Spinrite (the parent company for Bernat, Lily & Patons). All of their cotton yarns will incur a price increase of 11% effective March 1st. I will hold off as long as I can to raise my prices. But the cottons move quickly so look for the prices to go shortly after the first. Unfortunately since they will own Peaches & Creme by then you can expect that price to up too.

From what I understand all cottons will be going up because of a cotton shortage.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DMC Cotton Threads

Hi All,
Greetings from the really chilly Midwest!!
Well, it's only chilly when I'm inside..it's flat cold outside!!

Real quick...I know you are all very busy!!

I received word that the DMC Cotton prices will be going up a bit. My sales rep did not specify how much for each line. To be honest my brain kind of shorted out after the words price increase though. Another price that is going up!! It seems like every time we turn around the cost on something is going up!! I did hear that it was going to be in February. So my prices will not go up until March 1st.

As always I will keep my prices as low as I can. But I did want to warn you on the price increase.
This increase will effect the;
DMC Baroque,
DMC Brilliant Tatting Cotton,
DMC Cordonnet Cotton,
and the DMC Embroidery Floss

As always, thank you very much for your continued patronage!!